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[Written by: Gabriel Scott]

Sophie Charlotte, aka Charlotte Sophia made history by becoming the first and only Negro queen of England. She wasn’t just the Queen of England, but the Queen of Ireland as well. Her Negro bloodline or lineage stems from the African branch of the Portuguese Royal House. She married King George III at the age of 17 in 1761 and they had 15 children; two of them did not live to see adulthood. For many years and decades, people have tried to discredit or whitewash the significance of Sophie Charlotte’s history and contributions to England. She was good friends with accomplished classical composer, Johann Bach and his wife and also received a composition in her honor from Wolfgang Mozart when Mozart was just eight years old. Sophie Charlotte enjoyed the outdoors and loved gardening and landscape. The city of Charlotte, North Carolina is named after her in her honor. She is also the great-great-great grandmother of the current queen, Queen Elizabeth. Who would’ve ever thought that the royal family had Negro ancestry in their lineage, but it’s true.

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