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[Written by: Gabriel Scott]

Venus and Serena Williams have made a name for themselves internationally for over two decades with their amazing skills and talent on the tennis court. What has been so obscure and hidden is that decades before the Williams sisters graced the sports stage in the field of tennis, there was another pair of African American sisters that were very successful in tennis during the 30's, 40's & 50's. Their names were Margaret and Matilda Peters. The Peters sisters started playing tennis at a young age and after gaining national fame, they were given the nicknames, "Pete & Re-Pete". Despite their prowess and abilities, White-owned tennis organizations didn't allow them or any other African American players to participate. There was an all Negro organization called, American Tennis Association that the Peters sisters were able to be a part of. They competed in several matches and still hold the record for winning 14 doubles titles. It has not been broken. True trailblazers for future Black tennis players! (American Tennis Association is the oldest Negro sports organization in history)

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