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[Written by: Gabriel Scott]

People tend to have the perception that the sagging of the pants look was derived from the prison system, but it's actually much deeper than that. During slavery, there was a very hideous and degrading systematic practice called "Buck Breaking" or "Breaking the Buck" that was imposed on African American males. In most cases, if a male slave was rebelling, if the slave owner was homosexual, he would punish him by forcing him to undress and sexually assault him in front of his wife, family and sometimes other slaves as well. After the assault, the slave owner would have the male slave wear his pants halfway or below his genitals to show other slave owners that he had been "broken"; which formed sex farms that included heterosexual slave owners raping African American women. It was more than a physical and sexual practice, but also an emotional and psychological hindrance. The slave owner felt that the more the slave was broken, the less he would try to become more superior than him.

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