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[Written by: Gabriel Scott]

During slavery and well into the 20th century, the state of Florida was well known for its swamps, but it was also known for what they would do in these swamps. The skin of alligators was very profitable and many White slave masters would hunt for them. Due to risky and fatal experiences with scoping the swamps at night, the slave owners tried another option. That option was to use Black babies as "alligator bait" to lure vicious alligators to the surface to be killed. They would kidnap the babies from their mothers and take them to the swamps at night. They would tie a rope around their necks and torsos and protrude them into the water. This was later put in music, postcards and even candy. The main candy that has been marketed in reference to this is "Licorice Drops" or "Licorice Babies" that was initially called "Nigger Babies".

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